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My Story + Mission

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Hey there, beautiful souls! I'm Kaitlynn, and I'm on a mission to spark a positive domino effect in the world. For me, it all begins with the powerful journey of self-acceptance and intentional living.

Passionate Purpose:
As a multipassionate individual, my greatest fulfillment comes from guiding others on their quest to unearth and nurture their authentic selves. I firmly believe that recognizing and embracing your own worth is the cornerstone of human fulfillment.
Self-Love +

Discovering your true self—the one that has been there all along—is a transformative experience. By filling your own cup, you become a beacon of positive energy, radiating love to everyone around you. There's an abundance of love to share, and I'm here to help you tap into it.
Sustainable Living + Love for Mama Earth:
While navigating the path to a sustainable lifestyle can be challenging, I understand. Let's take mindful steps together towards a more eco-friendly existence. I'm committed to offering secondhand options and supporting small businesses that share our values of social good and environmental responsibility.
Inclusivity + Openness:
Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, you are welcome here. I'm not here to change your path; I'm here to support you on your unique journey, as long as it doesn't harm others. Every single human is embraced and cherished in this space.
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Passion for
Beautiful Souls

Ever since childhood, I have had an immense love for fashion, sharing what I find beautiful with others, variety as a conceptual necessity, and humankind. Many events have led to this point in my life (storytime for later) and I have always felt called to be a purveyor of beautiful things for beautiful people.

High Vibe Energy

Simple as that. Bottom line.

Everyone deserves love, and I truly believe that if we, all of us, show love to all no matter what their past, present, and future embodies, we can make at least a trickle of positive energy in this world. Using our time to expend that kind of energy is most valuable.

Real Moments, Guaranteed

Since self-love and self-care are tip-top on my list of values, that means that I will share very real moments with you. I know firsthand that social media tends to show all the good, which can result in toxic comparisons. I want to do my part in normalizing all the things so that you know you aren't alone. 

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