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my why:

Hey love! I'm Kaitlynn Stout, The Self-Love Hippie, and I'm elated that you're here!

I'm an Awakening Coach and Divine Channel, helping people like you remember how gorgeous and worthy your true self is to exist so you can shift from people-pleaser to you-pleaser. Living life on your own terms sounds pretty great, right?! 

I have the audacity to think I can help others because I have done exactly what I said above, and I know how unique each experience is and how to help you find what works for you as an individual, because there's nobody out there like you.

As far as my own journey, it’s my whole zone of genius and the seed that blossomed into my coaching. I had my mental health awakening at 27 years old, shortly after giving birth to my daughter, Aurora. My spiritual awakening has been lifelong although my "big bang" (cosmic joke, lol) followed shortly after the mental health one. 

Through that process, I finally had the vocabulary to explain what I feel and believe. It was a dichotomy though-- I was processing traumas and healing myself all the while feeling so scared because many aspects of my spirituality was/is not widely accepted. It felt like I was bursting with beautiful light that I wanted to share, yet I was afraid of not being accepted. Maybe you've felt similar.


Awakenings are a very vital part of an upleveling for our souls. They come with so many aha moments and epiphanies that we want to shout from the rooftops, but it can also feel so isolating because we haven't yet found the community that truly understands us and what we're going through. We haven't yet allowed the people and situations that no longer serve us to be let go.

The beginnings of those journeys was lonely in terms of being around people that knew the extent of what I was experiencing or that I was experiencing it at all. So this combined with how life-altering that living intentionally and accepting and loving myself was/is, I decided then and there that I’m meant to shine my light and help as many people as will allow me to. I knew that despite how much it sucked to have experienced the traumas I was then processing, I had to go through them to help other people.

Part of the vocabulary I discovered that resonated (still does) is Lightworker. This was a huge eye-opener for me and my core value and role in life. I adore and resonate most with Rebecca Campbell's explanation of what a Lightworker is:

"A Lightworker is an awake soul who has made the conscious decision to live in alignment with their soul. They know that we are all interconnected and that their presence has the potential to create a positive change. They have made the conscious decision to devote their whole life, to following what lights them up and, by default, to lighting up the world with their presence. They understand that their actions (no matter how big or small) have the potential to create change. 

. . . a Lightworker is: someone who wholeheartedly makes the decision to make the world a brighter place by them being in it. The more conscious we get, the higher our vibration and the more aligned to Source we become. The more conscious we are, the more we see how everything is connected and how we fit into a larger whole."

One of my favorite things about self-work is that we're ever-evolving and who we are isn't the same as it was even one minute ago. We get to learn how to relieve ourselves of that pressure and expectation of trying to be the same person, especially if it's who someone else wants us to be.


You can look at it like perennial plants; there's an entire life cycle we experience multiple times throughout our human lifetime with deaths, rebirths, growth, blossoming-- over and over. And each time we have the opportunity to uplevel, learn more about ourselves, and love ourselves even more. We get to be vulnerable about these experiences to normalize and destigmatize it for others. 

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who I am:

badass. wife. human mom.
dog mom. cat mom.
diabetic. city-to-country transplant.

I'm genuinely loving my 30s. I've been with my husband, Jon, for 11 years, married for 6. We absolutely adore our daughter, Aurora. She's truly magical and my favorite human. After living in Kansas City for ~7 years, we moved to Southwest Kansas, where Jon farms with his family. We're now living on what we call the Stout 'Stead and since Feb. 2024 we went from 1 dog, my beloved Zoe, to 2 dogs (Chestnut) and 4 cats (Gemini, Stella, Rainy J, + Acro). 

Fast facts:

it gets
to be

The self-work and self-healing process does dive into shadows so we can transmute them into light. It doesn't have to be so serious though. One of my favorite things about being a coach is normalizing that healing gets to be fun! We honor all emotions, and then we focus on the positive ones.

the self-love hippie?

I've always done things differently. My experiences have always seemed to feel different. I've never considered it to be a rebellious thing; I think it's been an inherent knowing that the way people around me are doing things doesn't have to be "it." Textbook unconventional, if you will.


The definition of "hippie" includes "rejection of conventional values." It feels right to call myself a hippie.


Plus, as a young child someone close to me called me a "hippie and a liberal" as a dig, which at the time terrified me because of course I had no clue what it meant. The cherry on top of "hippie" resonating with me in general is that it's also owning my true self and showing that I ultimately can't be brought down by words intended to be harmful to me.

Self-Love is a simpler explanation: during my awakenings, one of my biggest takeaways was truly valuing myself and recognizing that I'm worthy of my own love. That grew into my belief that the root of all good things is self-love, that it's the world's positive domino effect.

Passion for
Beautiful Souls

Ever since childhood, I have had an immense love for sharing what I find beautiful with others, variety as a conceptual necessity, and humankind. Many events have led to this point in my life (storytime for later) and I have always felt called to be a purveyor of beautiful things for beautiful people.

High Vibe Energy

Simple as that. Bottom line.

Everyone deserves love, and I truly believe that if we, all of us, show love to all no matter what their past, present, and future embodies, we can make at least a trickle of positive energy in this world. Using our time to expend that kind of energy is most valuable.

Real Moments, Guaranteed

Since self-love and self-care are tip-top on my list of values, that means that I will share very real moments with you. I know firsthand that social media tends to show all the good, which can result in toxic comparisons. I want to do my part in normalizing all the things so that you know you aren't alone. 

Sol Evolution Bettina Evans


client testimonials

Image by Jeff W

Brooke Robinson

Kaitlynn's energy was so inviting, open, and created a safe place to truly be vulnerable and rely on intuition and energy. I've never felt so seen, heard, and guided. The best part is that you take the journey with her, rather than being tugged along the way. I learned a lot about myself and life, in such a short amount of time!

Image by Krystal Ng

Chrissy Kohut

You have an gift of opening space for people to be present and to be vulnerable because you authentically share yourself in that way. You exude kindness and a genuine desire to help others.

Image by USGS

Marne Williams

She’s amazing!!! Experience a breath of fresh air that will have you smiling from the inside out.

Image by Aleksandr Buynitskiy

A. B.

After a single session with Kaitlynn, I was profoundly impressed by her abilities as a manifestation coach, and intuitive lightworker. I wholeheartedly recommend Kaitlynn to anyone in search of guidance to create the life they desire. She's like a hidden gem in this journey.

Image by Edz Norton

Leah Pierce

Kaitlynn has such a beautiful, soft, and comforting vibrational frequency about her. And also she can be very funny. 

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