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Meet kaitlynn

Hey, I'm Kaitlynn, the Self-Love Hippie and catalyst for positive change and self-discovery. I am a Lightworker with the purpose of creating a positive domino effect in our world in as many ways as possible.


As The Self-Love Hippie, I believe in the transformative journey of self-acceptance and intentional living. My mission is to guide individuals to their true selves, fostering self-love that becomes a beacon of positive energy shared with the world. I'm not just about personal transformation; I'm also committed to mindful, sustainable living and supporting small businesses aligned with social good. Join me on this journey, where every human is welcomed, loved, and deserving of all the goodness life has to offer. Together, let's be the first dominos of the positive domino effect that can make our world a brighter, more compassionate place.

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